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Past Performance

  • 27th Oct 2016 to 27th Oct 201740.72%
  • 27th Oct 2017 to 27th Oct 2018-7.68%
  • 27th Oct 2018 to 27th Oct 20192.80%
  • 27th Oct 2019 to 27th Oct 202010.13%
  • 27th Oct 2020 to 27th Oct 202127.86%

Objectives and Approach

Objective: to achieve capital growth. In seeking to achieve its investment objective the fund will aim to deliver a return, net of fees, greater than that of the Numis Smaller Companies Index excluding Investment Companies over rolling 3 year periods. The Fund invests primarily in UK company shares and similar investments. The Fund will invest at least 80% in smaller companies, which are defined as those companies quoted on a regulated market and that are no larger than the largest company in the Numis Smaller Companies Index at the time of investment. The Fund may invest up to 10% in unlisted companies. The Fund may use derivatives (i.e. financial contracts whose value is linked to the expected price movements of an underlying investment) with the aim of reducing the overall costs and/or risks of the Fund. The Fund is actively managed.Portfolio construction is driven by research into a company's future prospects in the context of the economic environment to identify attractively priced investment opportunities. The Index is a broad representation of the Fund's investment universe and as such is a point of reference against which the performance of the Fund may be measured.Although a large proportion of the Fund’s investments may be components of the Index, the Fund has the ability to deviate significantly from the Index.

Key Information

Inception 9th Feb 2001
Historic Yield 0.2500%
Sector IA UK Smaller Companies
Fund Size £1395.227mn
Fund Type OEIC
Classification Accumulation


Total Ongoing Charges 
Please note that whilst we endeavour to show all charges associated with specific funds, sometimes this is not possible due to the information not being made available by the fund provider. In such cases transaction or incidental cost information may be missing.
Initial Charge 0%
Our Platform Charge
We charge a platform fee starting at 0.35% for the first £250,000 of assets. Our charges for assets above £250,000 are shown on our rates and charges sheet

Part of our Foundation Fundlist Part of our Foundation Fundlist

Cost and Charges Information

This calculator provides you with costs and charges information regarding our charges and, where relevant, the costs within this investment product

Account Type

  • Investment Account
  • Stocks & Shares ISA
  • SIPP

Annual charges

These are the annual costs based on an initial investment amount of over 1 year assuming a net zero growth rate

Cost Category % of Investment lump sum costs
Our annual fee

Our annual fee

Includes our platform fee at 0.35% per annum for Funds (up to £250,000) and Stocks & Shares (min £24 max £240), plus SIPP administration fee (if applicable, only charged if <£30,000 held) - see here
Dealing charges

Dealing charges

Any one-off commission charges associated with investing. Note that government taxes and levies are not included
Product provider costs

Product provider costs

Product provider costs shown are inclusive of the fund ongoing charges figure (OCF), transaction costs and incidental costs
Total (£)

Total (£)

Costs per annum displayed in monetary value
Total (%)

Total (%)

Costs per annum displayed as a percentage of investment value

Cumulative effect of charges on your investment's return

This illustration assumes that costs occur evenly throughout the year, charges are paid out of the investment evenly throughout the year, and that an annual growth rate of applies evenly throughout the year, before any charges including product charges

lump sum invested with an assumed growth rate of 1 year years
What you might get back at  with no charges applied

What you might get back at  with no charges applied

These are the illustrative values of a  investment after growth and no costs applied at the end of the defined period
Annual charges

Annual charges

These are the annual costs based on an initial investment amount of assuming a net zero growth rate
Effect of charges on return (%)

Effect of charges on return (%)

These are the overall costs in percentage terms, based on an initial investment amount of assuming a growth rate
Effect of charges on return (£)

Effect of charges on return (£)

These are the overall costs in monetary value, based on an initial investment amount of assuming a growth rate
What you might get back at with charges applied

What you might get back at with charges applied

These are the illustrative values of a investment after growth and costs at the end of the defined period

This illustration is not a forecast of future investment performance but merely a means to demonstrate the potential impact of costs and charges for an assumed return of . Whilst we make reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy of third party charges information, this is intended for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon. We do not warrant or represent that this information is accurate, complete or up to date, therefore we accept no responsibility or liability for its use


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          Important Information
          Headline performance can mask the true characteristics of a fund. Without fully understanding how a fund is managed, you may inadvertently become exposed to an undesirable level of risk to your capital. Some funds carry a dilution levy which reduces the number of units realised on any initial investment as an initial charge. If this fund carries such a levy it should be detailed in the Key Investor Information Document (KIID), which we must provide and you should read before investing.

          The charts and performance data shown are supplied by an external data provider and may contain data that appears to precede the introduction of the clean unit class for this fund. In such cases, historical data has been synthesised at the entire discretion of that external provider as realistically as possible using historical data recorded against the previously available commission-paying version of the fund, adjusting for fees in the process.


        Important Documents

        The documents listed below are the latest versions made available to our data provider by the fund management group, but may not necessarily reflect the applicable charges that would be levied should you purchase this fund via Charles Stanley Direct. You should treat the charges and other figures shown in the 'Overview' tab as accurate.

        Key Investor Information Document This document, issued by the product provider, provides key information about an investment product. The information is required by law to help potential investors understand the nature, risks, costs, potential gains and losses of the product and enable comparison with other products.
        55,611 bytes PDF Document; last updated 02 Aug 2021
        Annual Report A report published by the Fund Management Group detailing the progress of the fund during the course of the previous 12 months. The information provided includes a financial statement for the group as a whole.
        1,347,804 bytes PDF Document; last updated 31 Jul 2020
        Semi Annual Report Published periodically through the course of the financial year of the fund, the report provides an overview of the fund's performance and the prospects for the remainder of the year. Included are portfolio changes (i.e. which stocks have been bought and sold), and changes in the geographical breakdown during the course of the previous 12 months.
        686,996 bytes PDF Document; last updated 31 Jan 2020
        Prospectus This is a formal document which contains details of the funds' objectives, investment strategies, risks, performance, distribution policy, fees and expenses and, fund management style.  A fund’s prospectus must be lodged with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for authorisation.
        900,651 bytes PDF Document; last updated 31 Jul 2021

        Management Team

        Daniel Nickols has managed this fund for 17 years and 8 months.

        Daniel Nickols Dan is Head of Strategy, UK Small & Mid Cap in the UK Small & Mid Cap team. Before joining Jupiter in July 2020, Dan was Head of the UK Small and Mid Cap team at Merian Global Investors. Prior to this, he was a fund manager at Albert E Sharp. Before this, he worked at Morgan Stanley in the European equities division, and at Deloitte and Touche. He began his investment career in 1994. Dan has a degree in Modern and Medieval Languages from the University of Cambridge, and is IIMR-qualified.

        Manager Cumulative Performance v Peer Group

        Performance Graph

        All funds managed by Daniel

        Name of Security Sole/Co Managed Since
        Jupiter UK Sm Cos Sole Jan 2004

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