Polar Capital UK Value Opprtnities I Fund GBP Inc


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  • Price Change -0.09120%


Past Performance

  • 26th Jun 2012 to 26th Jun 2013-
  • 26th Jun 2013 to 26th Jun 2014-
  • 26th Jun 2014 to 26th Jun 2015-
  • 26th Jun 2015 to 26th Jun 2016-
  • 26th Jun 2016 to 26th Jun 2017-

Objectives and Approach

The Fund’s investment objective is to achieve long term capital appreciation.

Key Information

Inception 31st Jan 2017
Yield 0%
Sector IA UK All Companies
Fund Size £263.856mn
Fund Type OEIC
Classification Income


TER/OCF 0.88%
Initial Charge 0%
AMC 0.75%


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          Important Information
          Headline performance can mask the true characteristics of a fund. Without fully understanding how a fund is managed, you may inadvertanly become exposed to an undesirable level of risk to your capital. Some funds carry a dilution levy which reduces the number of units realised on any initial investment as an initial charge. If this fund carries such a levy it should be detailed in the Key Investor Information Document (KIID), which we must provide and you should read before investing.

          The graphs shown are supplied by an external data provider and may contain data that appears to preced the introduction of the clean unit class for this fund. In such cases, historial data has been synthesised at the entire discretion of that external provider as realistically as possible using historical data recorded against the previously available commission-paying version of the fund, adjusting for fees in the process.


        Important Documents

        The documents listed below are the latest versions made available to our data provider by the fund management group, but may not necessarily reflect the applicable charges that would be levied should you purchase this fund via Charles Stanley Direct. You should treat the charges and other figures shown in the 'Overview' tab as accurate.

        Key Investor Information Document The KIID is provided by the fund management group and provides essential information and key facts about the fund to help assess whether it meets your needs. These are in a standardised format and should be free of any jargon.
        165,286 bytes PDF Document; last updated 21 Dec 2016
        Prospectus This is a formal document which contains details of the funds' objectives, investment strategies, risks, performance, distribution policy, fees and expenses and, fund management style.  A fund’s prospectus must be lodged with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for authorisation.
        2,702,340 bytes PDF Document; last updated 20 Apr 2017

        Management Team

        George Godber Georgina Hamilton

        George Godber has managed this fund for 4 months.

        George Godber George Godber joined Miton Group plc in December 2012. Prior to Miton, George co-founded Matterley Asset Management in 2008 and was co-manager of the group's flagship Undervalued Assets Fund. Before founding Matterley, George was a Director of Equity Sales at Credit Suisse. He has fourteen years of complementary market experience in investment banking and pan-European equities. George holds a degree in Economics from Bristol University.

        Manager Cumulative Performance v Peer Group

        Performance Graph

        All funds managed by George

        Name of Security Sole/Co Managed Since
        Polar Capital UKValOpps Co Jan 2017

        Georgina Hamilton has managed this fund for 2 months.

        Georgina Hamilton Prior to joining Miton, Georgina was the lead analyst for Matterley's flagship Undervalued Assets Fund from January 2009. Georgina has a double first in Biological Anthropology and Natural Sciences from Jesus College, Cambridge and is a CFA charterholder.

        Manager Cumulative Performance v Peer Group

        Performance Graph

        All funds managed by Georgina

        Name of Security Sole/Co Managed Since
        Polar Capital UKValOpps Co Apr 2017
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