Bespoke Investment Management

Free review of your existing portfolio...

Investment Management - what you need to know:

  • Discretionary and Advisory Services available
  • We offer an initial consultation free of charge
  • Dedicated investment manager
  • Regional branch network
  • Fully tailored to you - We take the time to get to know you, your financial goals and your attitude to risk
  • Investment insights - Our dedicated analysts produce regular research notes and provide detailed advice and analysis on companies and sectors across the UK stock market
  • Keep track of your portfolio online

Charles Stanley Bespoke Investment Management is tailored according to how actively involved you want to be in the management of your investments and how confident you are with monitoring the balance of risk and reward yourself.


Bespoke Investment Management and Advisory Services are provided by the wider Charles Stanley group.


Charles Stanley Direct is a non-advised, self-directed service.



Investment Management from Charles Stanley

Charles Stanley, the parent company of Charles Stanley Direct, offers a comprehensive service to Private Clients: advising on, managing, buying and selling stocks & shares and a wide range of other financial instruments. Charles Stanley can also provide extensive services in administering clients’ investments and cash, Financial Planning, managing ISAs and many other ancillary activities.


Our principal Investment Management services include:


Discretionary Management - This service allows you to hand over the day-to-day management of your investment portfolio to an Investment Manager, who will monitor your holdings and make the investment decisions on your behalf. For more details please see the Charles Stanley Group website: Discretionary Management


Collectives Portfolio Service - Using collective investment schemes is a popular way of investing for the long-term and an efficient way to spread risk. Our dedicated team of Investment Managers and analysts conduct extensive research to identify the most rewarding investment opportunities. Our aim is to satisfy your investment objectives whilst taking an appropriate level of risk.  For more details please see the Charles Stanley Group website: Collectives Portfolio Service

Advisory Management - This service offers the same level of investment management as the discretionary service with the exception being that you make the final decision on the individual purchases and sales rather than the Investment Manager.  For more details please see the Charles Stanley Group website: Advisory Management


Inheritance Tax Portfolio Service - Invests in portfolios made up of qualifying stocks quoted primarily on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). It should be noted that investments in unquoted companies involve a higher degree of risk. We seek to reduce the risk through diversification, but a portfolio of this type will not be suitable for all investors.  For more details please see the Charles Stanley Group website: Inheritance Tax Portfolio Service



Investment involves risk. You may get back less than invested.