Our Loyalty Programme

Our Loyalty Programme provides you with benefits as you consolidate fund holdings either within or across our range of accounts or if you are a frequent share trader. 

Frequent traders

  • If you place 1 or more chargeable share trades across any of your accounts each month we will waive the 0.35% platform charge for that month on your stocks and shares holdings (Stocks & Shares Platform Charge normally capped at £240 per annum, charged pro rata monthly in arrears) . 

Further savings when holding funds

We offer considerable savings in the form of tiered charging as you consolidate your fund holdings.

  • A platform charge reduction to 0.20% on the balance of fund holdings above £250,000.
  • A further platform charge reduction to 0.15% on the balance of fund holdings above £500,000.
  • A further platform charge reduction to 0.05% on the balance of fund holdings above £1,000,000.
  • No charge on fund holdings in excess of £2,000,000.

Free SIPP for consolidators

We offer a free SIPP wrapper (normal charge £100 + VAT per annum) to clients that hold £30,000 or more of assets across our range of accounts.  

6 month fee waiver on large transfers in

  • When transferring to us we will waive our platform charge for 6 months on values of £200,000 plus*.

*From a single instruction only. Six-month waiver period starts from receipt of transfer-in request. Please claim this offer by contacting us

Help with completing your tax return

  • We provide our clients with a comprehensive Capital Gains Tax report upon request.

Discounted Home Insurance through Hiscox

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