How to Transfer

  1. After reading our SIPP Key Features document and Business Terms, register and open an account online.

  2. Complete the online Transfer form

    On receipt of the completed forms we will contact your existing pension provider(s) to arrange for valuations, scheme details and the transfer discharge forms.

  3. Many SIPP transfers can be organised electronically but transfer discharge forms will be sent to you to sign, complete and return to us if not. SIPP transfers are arranged in cash as standard, meaning that any assets held with the ceding service provider will be divested prior to transfer.

  4. Once the cash has been received we will notify you.

What are the benefits of transferring?

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Low Costs

We offer share dealing from £11.50 per trade, free fund dealing and a maximum platform charge of 0.35% per annum.

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Ease of management

Take complete control over your investment strategy by managing all of your investments online in one place.

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An opportunity to review poor performers

When transferring take a minute to consider your portfolio and think about investments with more potential.

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Transfer and consolidate all of you existing investments under one roof minimising your paperwork and administration.

Investment involves risk. You may get back less than invested.