Video: 'Housebound' episode ten

Erica Whyte FaceTimes Rob Morgan, Investment Analyst, to discuss how COVID-19 has impacted socially responsible investing.

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  1. Erica Whyte

As a result of the Government’s Covid-19 announcements, the vast majority of Charles Stanley staff have been working from home for several weeks, except for a few permitted key workers. It's an extraordinary time for all of us, but we have been adapting successfully and prioritising the continuity of our services.

Like most people up and down the country, we are largely confined to our homes but we remain in close ‘virtual’ contact with one another. As part of this, in our video series 'Housebound' I get in touch with a variety of our experts about the latest economic and market news as it unfolds.

In this episode, I speak with Rob Morgan, Charles Stanley Direct's Investment Analyst, to discuss how COVID-19 has impacted Socially Responsible Investing and how many people's behaviours may have been altered permanently.

There's more on Socially Responsible Investing in the dedicated section of our website.



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