Introducing Charles Stanley Multi Asset Funds

These funds offer a diverse portfolio in a single investment, expertly managed by Charles Stanley’s investment team.

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  1. Rob Morgan

Charles Stanley has long been recognised for proprietary research into equity and bond markets, asset allocation experience and extensive coverage of active and passive funds. We are pleased to announce that this combined expertise is now available to self-directed or ‘DIY’ investors through five new funds available on Charles Stanley Direct.

Charles Stanley Multi Asset Funds are a range of investments drawing on Charles Stanley’s extensive research capability and designed to meet different, broad risk levels. They offer exposure to a variety of assets to provide simple, convenient ready-made portfolios for investors.

A spread of assets

Successful investing involves diversification. Spreading money across different asset classes helps even out the inevitable ups and downs and reduces reliance on specific investments or areas performing well.  Each Charles Stanley Multi Asset Fund is invested across lots of different investment areas, mixing shares and bonds as well as alternative investments such as property. This results in a diverse portfolio in a single easy-to-buy fund.

An investment ‘one-stop-shop’

The five funds are designed to meet different broad investment needs and risk levels, and are actively managed by Charles Stanley’s highly-regarded investment team. They handpick a variety of investments for each fund, spanning different asset classes, regions and markets, choosing from UK shares and bonds as well as carefully selected specialist funds.

The new fund range:

MI Charles Stanley Multi Asset 1 Defensive

MI Charles Stanley Multi Asset 2 Cautious

MI Charles Stanley Multi Asset 3 Moderate

MI Charles Stanley Multi Asset 4 Growth

MI Charles Stanley Multi Asset 5 Adventurous

The fund’s portfolios are reviewed on an ongoing basis with changes made when necessary, and to react to new opportunities. This means the investor does not need to regularly monitor and change individual funds, shares or other assets in their portfolio. Please note all investments can fall as well as rise in value.

Find out more about our Multi Asset Funds here.

Investing the Charles Stanley way

Tracing its roots back to 1792 Charles Stanley & Co. Limited is one of the oldest firms on the London Stock Exchange. Charles Stanley Multi Asset funds draw directly on our extensive research into individual equities and bonds, our expertise in terms of asset allocation, as well as our active and passive fund research. Adapting to market conditions, they represent the current views of our investment research team. An optimal selection of investments is decided upon and reviewed for each fund, within relevant risk parameters.

The investment expertise of Charles Stanley, the convenience of Charles Stanley Direct

Charles Stanley Direct was established to meet the needs of the modern self-directed investor: An easy-to-use, low-cost platform with a wide range of options to tailor a portfolio to specific needs. However, for those who are a little more ‘hands-off’, and would prefer a portfolio to be managed and monitored for them, these funds could be worth considering. Alternatively, they could form a ‘core’ of a portfolio around which other investments can be added. Each fund can be purchased in an ISA, Junior ISA, SIPP or Investment Account with Charles Stanley Direct.

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