Happy New Year to our Multi Asset Fund investors!

Our range of funds offer ready-made portfolios managed by our experts in one easy-to-buy investment.

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  1. Rob Morgan

We are pleased to announce a substantial reduction in annual charges on our Multi Asset Fund range from 1st January 2020, helping investors access great value ready-made portfolios run by Charles Stanley’s experts.

The annual management charge on the following funds has been reduced from 0.75% a year to 0.30%, and this will shortly be reflected in the fund's web pages:

Charles Stanley Multi Asset Cautious

Charles Stanley Multi Asset Moderate

Charles Stanley Multi Asset Growth

Charles Stanley Multi Asset Adventurous

About Multi Asset Funds

Successful investing involves diversification. Not having all your eggs in one basket helps reduce risk and means you are not reliant on specific investments or areas performing well. The usual approach is to spread money across different asset classes – a mix of shares, bonds and cash and possibly other areas such as property or alternative investments such as targeted absolute return funds.

Picking individual funds and other investments in various areas to build up a portfolio is one way to do this – but multi-asset funds offer a convenient short cut. They invest in equities, bonds and other assets, and typically look to provide more consistent returns by blending these together carefully. They offer investors a balanced portfolio in a single product - meaning buying, monitoring and managing individual funds, trusts, shares and other assets is not necessary.

Charles Stanley’s ‘one-stop-shop’ funds

Monitored and rebalanced by Charles Stanley experts, each of our four Multi Asset funds offers a diversified portfolio in one easy-to-buy investment designed to meet a broad risk profile – from cautious through to adventurous. The funds are actively managed by Charles Stanley's investment team, which means ongoing portfolio management is done for you. Investors do, however, need to be careful in selecting the fund(s) appropriate for their needs.

Our managers handpick a variety of investments spanning different asset classes, regions and markets, choosing from UK shares and bonds as well as carefully selected specialist funds. The funds' portfolios are reviewed on an ongoing basis with changes made when deemed necessary, and to react to new opportunities. Please note all investments can fall as well as rise in value.

The four funds can be purchased in an ISA, Junior ISA, SIPP or Investment Account with Charles Stanley Direct and more information can be found regarding their level of risk and what they invest in on the dedicated page of our website.

Who are the funds for?

One size cannot fit all so these funds are not necessarily a perfect solution. Yet for those who want a straightforward, low cost and comprehensive product – and to avoid the hassle of putting together, monitoring and rebalancing a portfolio of different individual investments – they could be worth considering. Alternatively, they can help make up a ‘core’ of a portfolio around which other investments can be added.

Past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns. This website is not personal advice based on your circumstances. No news or research item is a personal recommendation to deal. Investment decisions in fund and other collective investments should only be made after reading the Key Investor Information Document or Key Information Document, Supplementary Information Document and Prospectus. If you are unsure of the suitability of your investment please seek professional advice.

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