Myths of investing

There are widely held assumptions about investing that mean many people miss out on growing their money over the longer term.

Almost everyone should consider investing once they have paid off expensive debts and saved up a rainy-day fund.

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Isn’t cash always safer than investing?

Having cash available is important, but interest on cash does not usually keep up with the rise in the cost of living.

Investing could provide you with a better return through the growth of companies and the profits they make. It’s not guaranteed, though, so you could lose value, especially over shorter periods.

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Isn’t investing only for experts?

You don’t need to be an expert to invest, by investing in a fund, you are spreading your money and risk across dozens of different companies either managed by an expert or designed to track an index.

Charles Stanley's range of funds offer five cost-conscious funds designed to achieve your investment objective and level of risk.

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Don’t I need to be rich to invest?

You can start your investment journey with a relatively small sum of just £500, or alternatively you can invest monthly with a Direct Debit from as little as £50.

Our low cost funds and free fund trading, combined with our competitive platform fee make investing with Charles Stanley Direct affordable for all.

Follow Erica on her investment journey

What is risk and how is it important? What type of account should you open?
What should you invest in? Follow Erica as she embarks on her own investment journey and seeks answers to these same questions.

If you are unsure whether an investment is suitable, you should seek regulated financial advice.

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At Charles Stanley we have been providing financial support to our clients for over 200 years. We are here to help you start your investment journey.

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Where to start your investment journey?

One of the easiest ways to get started is through one of our five funds, managed by Charles Stanley’s expert managers. You choose a fund for the level of risk you want to take, and we do the rest.

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Our Charges

  • Platform charge23


    Our maximum platform charge for holding investments is 0.35%. For fund holdings (OEICs and Unit Trusts) the charge can fall as low as 0.05% per annum. For shareholdings the maximum charge is £240 per annum - but if you place 1 or more chargeable trades each month we won’t charge you anything to hold your shares.

  • Fund Trading23


    We don’t charge for buying or selling funds.

  • Share Trading (Online)23


    Each time you buy or sell a share we charge £11.50.

Full breakdown of other charges that may be incurred on our service.

Illustration of charges for both active and passive investments can be found in this document

Need more help investing?

Here are some helpful guides, questions and contact details to speak with our award-winning helpdesk.

Guide to investing

Read our guide to provide you with more details about different account types, asset classes and a glossary of investment terms so you can cut through the jargon.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have an extensive library of answers to some of the key questions you might have.

Financial advice

If you have questions about your wider financial situation, you may benefit from a conversation with one of our Financial Planners.

Investment involves risk. You may get back less than invested.