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HMRC do not permit the direct transfer of investments into an ISA, where they originate from outside of an ISA wrapper. Typically, this means that the assets will have to be transferred in to the ISA as cash, unless they originate from a HMRC approved Save As You Earn scheme or an Employee Share Investment Plan. 

To move shares into your ISA where they originate from your Investment Account, we can carry out a "Bed and ISA". For further details on this process, please see the FAQ on "How do I "Bed & ISA?". 

Because of the way in which Unit Trust Funds/OEICs trade, we are unable to carry out a "Bed and ISA" in this manner. You will therefore have to sell the funds from your Investment Account, before transferring cash to your ISA upon the settlement date. Please instruct the transfer of cash on the "Transfer between accounts" page, accessible from your Dashboard menu. Once the cash has cleared in your ISA, you can then place an order to repurchase.

To update your address please log in to the website go to your “Dashboard” dropdown menu and select the “My Profile” link. If you are moving overseas, please send us a Secure Message with your new address.

Bed & ISA is a way to transfer shares held outside of an ISA into your ISA as a subscription.  The shares are simultaneously sold from your Investment Account and repurchased in your ISA account through the same market maker to protect you against any price movements and to control the amount charged by the market maker by the “spread” between the sale and repurchase price. On the settlement date, we will record the sale proceeds as your subscription to your ISA.

The following charges may apply:

  • £11.50 commission on both the sale and repurchase, £23 in total.
  • Stamp duty (if applicable) on the purchase.
  • For UK listed share purchases over £10,000, a levy of £1 to help fund the Panel on Takeovers and Mergers.
  • Any difference between the sale and repurchase prices.

Bed & ISA must be requested by telephone, by calling our Helpdesk on 0131 550 1234. If you wish to carry out a Bed & ISA near the end of the tax year, please leave yourself plenty of time because our deadline will be a few working days before 5 April.

Because Bed & ISA includes a sale, you might also need to pay capital gains tax.

If you do not remember your memorable word, please use your "hint" to help you recall it. If your hint does not help, you will need to reset it yourself. First you should click on the "forgot your memorable word?" link. You will then need to request a reset code, for which you will need your date of birth and answer to one of your security questions. Once you have this code, you will need to enter it into the site to change your memorable word and your hint. 

If you do not know the answer to your Security Question, please select the “Forgotten Security Responses?” link on the same page

Click on the “Forgotten your logon details?” link using the “Log in” button on our homepage. You will be asked to enter your username, your date of birth and the answer to a Security Question set by you.

If you do not know the answer to your Security Question, please select the “Forgotten Security Responses?” link on the same page

Click on “Forgotten your login details?” following selecting the “Login” button on the homepage. You should then select the “click here” link detailed within the second sentence of the text displayed. You’ll then be able to request your username reminder by post by successfully entering your account number and date of birth.

The minimum investment into a new fund is a £500 lump sum.  Minimum top up to existing fund holdings are £100 and regular monthly savings may be set up from £50 per fund per month.

You can place orders online to buy or sell most equities (including ETFs and ETCs) and Investment Trusts which trade on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) or the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

Trading in the following securities can be placed over the telephone:

  • Gilts
  • NEX Exchange - listed equities
  • UK/Overseas bonds
  • Overseas equities
  • PIBs

Any trades that cannot be placed online will be subject to the telephone trading fee.

We expect to email you in mid-June to advise that your annual reports have been uploaded to the Documents page of your online account.

Restrictions on placing market orders typically come from the market itself. Market makers determine the volume of shares that they are prepared to trade electronically, so it may simply be that you are trying to trade more shares than there is a market for. Shares that are particularly illiquid or volatile are more likely to be subject to these restrictions.

You may wish to look at the Exchange Market Size (“EMS”) which you will find on the “Trade Now” page. Market Makers are obliged to honour the quoted price up to the EMS, although this does not mean that they have to permit electronic trades to this size. Equally, it is possible for trades in excess of EMS to go through electronically. Thus the EMS should only be treated as a rough rule of thumb. You have a greater chance of placing a market order if your trade is within the EMS but there are no guarantees.

If you can’t place a market order, you will normally be given the option to place your order with a limit based on the share price. If your limit is achievable, your order should be dealt promptly by one of our dealers.

If you pay money into your Investment Account or ISA by debit card after 7pm and before 9am, there may be a delay of a few hours before the money becomes available for investment. At all other times money should become available for investment within a few minutes.

If you make a payment through BACS, CHAPS or Faster Payment through your bank, then the funds will not be available to invest in your account until they have cleared. This could take up to three working days.

When you place a fund order, your order will be held until the next available pricing point. Funds typically trade on a daily basis, usually with a cut-off point of 11am for same day dealing at 12 noon. Once the order is submitted for dealing with the fund manager, the order will typically remain pending on your account for a further one to three working days, as we await the fund manager to confirm the terms of your trade before we can issue you with a contract note. Once the contract note is issued, your account will update accordingly to reflect the trade.


You can continue to check the status of fund orders through your “Dashboard” menu by selecting “Order List”.

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