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Generate ideas for your own research with the Foundation Fundlist, our preferred investments across the major sectors.

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Foundation Fundlist

'DIY' investors are free to choose from the exceptionally broad range of investments we have available: 3000 funds, UK and certain overseas shares, gilts, bonds, investment trusts and ETFs. For fund investors looking for ideas for their own research we offer the Foundation Fundlist, our list of preferred investments across the major sectors carefully selected by our highly-regarded investment team. Covering both funds and investment trusts, including passive funds or trackers as well as actively managed funds, the list is regularly reviewed.


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Get started quickly, plus benefit from our low cost investment platform and fund research with our simple Foundation Portfolios.

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Foundation Portfolios

Each of our Foundation Portfolios features a range of funds selected from the Foundation Fundlist. These are simple, economical 'starter' portfolios that may be suitable for various broad categories of investor, or a core around which other funds can be added.

The portfolios vary according to whether an investor requires growth, income or a bit of both. For each of these objectives there are three different risk levels: Cautious, Balanced, and Adventurous. The resultant portfolio contains five funds we consider to be 'best of breed' in their respective areas, and complement one another in terms of asset type, style and approach. This way risk is spread across various investment classes, geographies and industry sectors. However, the portfolios are not managed and the overall responsibility for selecting and managing the portfolio rests with you.

Each portfolio can be purchased as a 'fund basket' through an ISA, Junior ISA, SIPP or Investment Account.


Buy Charles Stanley funds

Monitored and rebalanced by Charles Stanley experts, each of our Multi Asset funds offer a diversified portfolio in one easy-to-buy investment.

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Charles Stanley Multi Asset Funds

Charles Stanley Multi Asset funds are designed to meet different, broad investment needs and risk profiles. Each offers a diverse range of investments in a single fund, actively managed by Charles Stanley's highly-regarded investment team. This means you do not need to monitor and change individual funds, shares or other assets in your portfolio – it's all done for you.

Multi asset funds invest in other funds as well as other assets across a variety of areas. Not having all your eggs in one basket means you are not reliant on specific investments or areas performing well and you benefit from Charles Stanley’s investment selection and day-to-day management administered by our highly-regarded investment team.

The five funds can be purchased in an ISA, Junior ISA, SIPP or Investment Account with Charles Stanley Direct.


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